System Features


Our core-system is fully completed module for Microfinance Business, Capability, Availability, and ready for Scalable to Enterprise.
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  • API Integration

    Open APIs System ready to connecting with 3rd-Party, Bank, Payment Gateway, MCIX, Credit Bureau.

  • QR-Code

    Machine Readable Code allow the operation process faster, customers verification, and payment through membership cards.

  • SMS

    SMS Module to alert clients when loan approved, payment reminders, also marketing purpose.

  • Reporting

    Higher quality of reports, graphical charts, Operation Reports, Accounting Reports, FRD or Government Reports.

  • Mobile Apps

    Loan Officer use mobile tablet from Rural Area to capture photos, upload documents, tracking GPS and received payment.

  • Cloud Base

    Access from everywhere, through internet 3G, not to much investment on server.


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Project Members



Mobile Apps


Our mobile apps can improve your operation outreach, convenience, faster, Compatible with (Androids & iOS).